Gangbang Forced Pozzing Story

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First time turns into Bound & Forced Gangbang Pozzing Party (Fantasy).

It started out when I was cruising on the internet trying to meet someone who could "show me the ropes."  You see, up to this point I had only been with one guy; and that was a very limited experience.  A little oral (no cumming), that ended with me jerking myself off.  The guy wanted to fuck my ass, but he didn't want to use lube, and he wanted to do it bareback.  I was nervous about diseases, and very tight.  His cock was short but thick, and there's no way it was going to go in willingly without lube.  So, anyway, back to the story.  I'm on a cruising site looking for a guy.  After about half an hour, I find one that has a nice-looking cock, and seems pretty normal.  We begin to chat, and he's very excited about showing me the ropes.  He says he's been with lots of anal virgins, and knows how to work it so it'll be enjoyable for both of us.  So, we talk for about twenty minutes about experiences, and what I'm willing to do.  Basically, I tell him I'm looking to give oral, and would like it if he came in my mouth (swallowing was a maybe); and that I would like to get my ass fucked for the first time; I'd like my ass to end up as a gaping hole; and I'd like pictures of my face and ass being used (before, during, and after) so I'd have them for future correspondence.  I told him that any anal sex had to be protected because I was DD free and want to stay that way.  My wife was away at work, and wouldn't be home until the next day, so I gave him my address, and we agreed he'd meet me at my place in one hour.  He told me to shit, take an anal enema, shower, and groom for him in the mean time.  So, I took a dump, pumped water from the faucet up my ass until my stomach was big and my bowels were heavy and distended.  Then I shit the water out of my ass.  I took a shower, and shaved my armpits, chest, stomach, cock, balls, pubes, ass, ass-crack, and the top of my legs.  Basically, from the top of my legs to my face I was as smooth as a twelve year-old boy.  The hour of meeting came, and he arrived promptly as we had agreed.  He came in, and I locked the door.  He told me to strip because he wanted to see my body.  I seductively (but shyly) stripped out of my clothes and showed him my body.  I showed him the front, the sides, and I bent over and pulled my ass cheeks apart so he could see my back.  We went into the bedroom, he stripped down, and we began to suck each others' cocks.  We were laying on our sides, facing each other, a cock in each of our mouths.  It felt so wonderful to have his hard cock sliding in between my lips and into my mouth.  In fact I was enjoying his cock in my mouth so much, mine started to go soft.  He asked what was wrong, and I told him.  He said he wanted tonight to be memorable for me, so he suggested he just work on me for a while.  So, he had me lay on my back, with my legs apart, and he started seductively sucking on my cock.  He bobbed his head up-and-down with slow deliberate firm strokes.  He told me to put my arms up, over my head, so I would feel more exposed and I would relax and just enjoy it.  I did so, but felt a little shy.  He suggested he tie my wrists so I can be exposed and just enjoy it without thinking about it.  The thought of it really turned me on, so we did.  So I let him tie each of my wrists firmly to the bed's headboard, and now my arms were spread and over my head.  I felt so naked and exposed, it was wonderful.  He went back to working on my cock, and then started working on my balls.  After a while he started licking that area between my balls and my ass, and then, he started to lick my asshole.  It felt really intense, but it tickled at the same time, so I squirmed a lot. He said that having my ass hole eaten out would feel really good, would relax me, and would make it feel real good and not hurt when he fucked me.  He suggested tying my legs up to the same spots that my arms were so that I wouldn't wiggle, and I could just enjoy it.  I eagerly agreed.  He tied one end of each of the strings around each of my knees, and then tied the other ends to the headboard.  Now, my hands were bound over my head, and my legs were bound spread apart and up in the air.  I really couldn't move all that much, but it felt really liberating.  He told me I had a beautiful tight pucked hole, and said he couldn't wait to stretch it tightly around his cock.  He licked my ass for a little bit, and then started to gently finger the rim of my asshole.  It felt great the way he firmly massaged my rim.  Then he stopped, and said he forgot he had to call his friend because they were supposed to meet earlier.  I said go ahead and call, and he replied, with a smile, "Don't go anywhere."  He went into the living room, and came back a minute later.  I couldn't hear what he was saying from the bedroom, but when he came back he seemed like everything was ok.  He proceeded to continue probing the outside of my asshole, and then got some vaseline out of his bag.  He worked some of the vaseline onto the rim of my asshole, and then he slid some up my hole with one of his fingers.  He continued filling my ass with more and more vaseline with his finger, and worked it in as deep as his finger would go.  Then, I heard the front door open.  In an instant I panicked, but then I heard a man's voice call out, "You in the bedroom?"  I was dumfounded.  What was going on?  Then, I saw them.  Four big strong-looking men came strolling into my bedroom.  Two of them were black, and that instantly frightened me because I've seen enough black cock on the internet to know they're normally bigger, and sometimes huge.  The original guy turned and told his friends, "Ok, his ass is ready, now I just have to get his eyes and mouth."  He quickly pulled out a strange-looking device that he put around my head.  It pulled my mouth open very widely and held it in place.  Then he put a blindfold over my eyes, so I couldn't see anything but blackness. I felt strong hands, all at once, grabbing both of my ankles and both of my forearms.  The original guy started untying my bonds, and I began to relax.  Thank god, it was a joke.  But then they turned me so that my head and feet were facing the sides of the bed, not the headboard and footboard.  Holding my arms over my head, they pulled them downward and tied each of them to a foot of the bed.  Now, the back of my head was hanging off the bed, my back was mildy arched, and my arms were bound above my head and as far back as they would go.  I couldn't move my arms at all, nor could I move my head much because of the position of my back and arms.  Next they tied my right leg by the ankle to the headboard.  My right leg was now straight, and pulled as far to the right and toward my head as it would stretch.  Then they took my left leg and tied my ankle to the same leg of the bed as my left arm.  This forced my left leg to be straight, and as far to the left and as close to my head as it would stretch.  I was very immobilized now.  Can you picture it? I'm laying on my back, eyes blindfolded, mouth forced open, with my head leaning back off the mattress.  Both my arms are hanging off the mattress, over my head, and tied to the legs of the bed.  My legs are spread wide and high, and tied in-place.  My tight virgin asshole is full of vaseline and is spread wide-open and positioned 10 inches above the mattress.  And, there's five men standing there, with hardcocks waiting for attention.  I could hear a camera taking pictures of me, and then I felt a large warm object sliding between my open lips and into my mouth.  The camera was still taking pictures (and it continued to do so throughout the entire event), and I realized it was a cock in my mouth.  I couldn't really suck it because my mouth was being held open, but it was big enough that I really wouldn't be able to put a lot more pressure on the shaft with my lips anyway. I hear the man above my head tell me, "Yeah, take my cock in your mouth, boy.  Do you like it?  I hope so, because I'm going to throat-fuck you like a little bitch.   His cock was filling my mouth, and my mouth was stretched to the max!  Even though my head was already laying back, and was in a perfect condition to take a cock, I still gagged as soon as it started entering my throat.  I gagged, coughed, and choked as he pulled his cock from my mouth.  He said, "Relax, I'm going to slide all ten inches of this meat down your throat, and I'm going to fuck your face good.  Don't worry, I'm going to pull out every ten seconds or so, so you can catch your breath.  Just relax, and swallow my cock, and it won't hurt."  There's no way I could have deep-throated a cock, and definitely not one that big, without being tied down like that.  I still gagged a lot though, probably for the first whole minute, but after a while, my throat got used to the sensation, and my brain began to stop panicking for air because I always got it.  It didn't matter though because he was going to fuck my throat regardless of my gagging, and he did.  When my throat closed up, he just pushed deeper.  Each time, he slid his cock all the way into my face until his balls rested on my nose, and then he pulled half-way out and slammed back in until his balls hit me.  He fucked my throat and fucked my throat and fucked my throat.  It felt like his cock was sliding all the way into my stomach each time.  As my face was violated, my ass was fingered and stretched.  First one finger slowly pushed inside my ass to the knuckle, and then it was wiggled, and twisted, and then it slowly eased in and out until my ass accepted it easily.  Then two fingers slid up my ass, and wiggled, and twisted, and pumped in and out until my ass accepted them.  Then three, and then two sets of two fingers, and then a cock pressed against my hole.  I had no idea how big the cock was, I couldn't see or ask, but it felt like it was going to rip my asshole apart as it pressed against it.  The cock pressed harder and harder against my hole and then, with a quick pop, the head entered me.  It hurt, a lot, but I still had a cock in my throat, and couldn't even attempt to scream.  The cock slid deeper into my ass, and deeper and deeper.  My ass was burning and aching, and it felt like my body was being split in two.  Twelve inches, that's what he said was going inside me.  Twelve inches is what was buried in my bowels when I felt his balls resting against my shaved ass cheeks.  Once his cock had impaled me, he left it there, he didn't move.  My ass was so full of cock, I could feel it in my stomach.  It stayed that way, as the man behind me fucked my throat, the other one kept his cock buried inside me to the hilt.  Then, the man behind me suddenly yanked his cock from my mouth, and said, "I gotta stop, if I fuck his face anymore I'm going to cum."  Quickly, the mouth device was removed from my face, and replaced with a ball-gag.  My throat felt terribly empty and raw, and my face was drenched in my own saliva.  That's when I heard the original guy say, "Did you guys send out the invitation?  How many guys are coming to breed his ass?"  One of the guys replied, "Fifteen for sure, but more will probably come.  The ones who replied were real excited, it's not every day there's a bound gangbang pozzing party like this one."  Oh god!  A pozzing party, I'm negative!  As if to answer the question in my head... The first guy asked, "Did you give them the rules?"  The second guy answered, "Oh yeah.  I told them it was an anonymous pozzing party. The only rule is they had to bareback, they had to cum in his ass, and they had to be HIV positive."  The first guy answered back, "Oh good.  This guy's going to be so happy.  He said he wanted to be pozzed, but was too nervous.  It was his idea for the gangbang rape.  So, let's get this party started before the rest come."  The cock that was buried in my ass began to slide in and out, slowly at first, but with each stroke he picked up pace.  He pulled his cock all the way out to the head, and then slammed it all the way back in until his balls slapped against my cheeks.  My cock, balls, head, and body were swinging everywhere from his rigorous fucking of my virgin ass.  He was fucking me so hard and so fast, I thought surely he had to get tired soon.  But he never slowed down, he just pounded my bowels.  And then, he just stopped.  His cock was buried deep in my guy, and then his whole body started to twitch and he began grunting.  It felt like an earthquake in my gut as his enormous cock spasmed and errupted inside my body.  When he finished, he slowly and gently eased his cock from my abused hole, and said, "I have to be careful, I want to make sure all my cum stays in him so the pozzing will take."  "Oh my god!  He shot HIV+ cum inside me!  It's just one load, maybe it won't take, maybe I'll be lucky", I thought.  But then, another cock slid right up my ass.  He was smaller than the first guy, shorter and thinner, and he didn't fuck me as hard, but the result was the same.  After a few minutes he pumped his cum deep inside me, and began to gently ease his cock out.  As he was easing his cock from my ass, another guy anounced, "Hurry, I'm about to cum.  Hurry, get your cock out so I can cum inside him."  Sure enough, as soon as the second cock came out, the third went in.. It was quick, only a few deep hard thrusts, and he was screaming as his cum mixed with the rest.  Once he slid his cock from my ass, it was immediately replaced by a fourth.  This guy was pretty big, but not quite as big as the first, or else my ass was getting used to the abuse.  He fucked me hard with deep and long strokes for five minutes or so until he spermed my gut.  A fifth cock entered my hole and it was a filling experience.  I had no concept of cock size at this point, but I do know his cock stretched my asshole tight and filled my gut deep.  I was still freaked out about the poz cum soaking in my bowels, but this cock felt great.  I began moaning for his cock as he fucked me.  He fucked me with different strokes, at different ankles, with different speeds, with different depths, and randomly plowed my chute.  He had already been fucking me for ten minutes, my cock was rock hard, slapping against my belly, and I was moaning like a whore; and then I realized the session was almost finished.  Five guys came, four cum loads, and now this fifth cock.  The confusing feelings of dissapointment and relief were short-lived though, because a moment later I heard a new crowd of men's voices erupt in a cheer of excitement, anticipation, and arousal.  The gangbang party had arrived.  I was fucked for hours.  Each fuck was more or less the same.  A nice cock, plowed my ass, and erupted deep inside my gut.  I lost count of how many loads I took, I think some guys even filled me more than once, but I do know that sometime around the twentieth load, cum started to leak from my abused gaping ass.  I have no idea if I got HIV or  not, but assume I did.  I can tell you though, that I continue to get bound and gangbang raped by poz guys every month or two.  I hope you liked my story.  Feel free to email any comments or suggestions to me at